Vatican Declares “Year of Assault”

By Fr. John C. Sivalon, M.M.
“While said to be a time of renewal, the ‘Year of Faith’ is really dedicated to the idolatry of doctrine, power and hierarchy. The sisters in their communal service to the Church and world, who not only take a vow of poverty but actually live that vow without privilege, status or accumulation of wealth are a vivid and prophetic contrast to the inauthenticity of the call to retrenchment masquerading as renewal.”

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All the days of my life

When the hour arrived, I went out into the courtyard, where the sandstone of the church building was yellowing in the late afternoon sunlight. I walked in the church doors — beautiful carved wooden doors that have appeared in my dreams and have always symbolized my hope of salvation — and looked in the sudden darkness for the one person I had been waiting all day to see. And time ceased.

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