Miguel Arias, rest in peace

Miguel Arias, the editorial director at Liturgy Training Publications (LTP), died of stomach cancer this week at the age of 40. Arias served the Church for virtually all of his adult life  — as a youth minister, as a diocesan newspaper editor, as an editor for LTP and Loyola Press, and especially as a minister to and advocate for the Spanish-speaking members of the Church.

“His mission in life was to bring people to God, and he succeeded,” said John A. Thomas, director of Liturgy Training Publications. “He taught us all so much. He taught us in his actions and humility and gentleness. He knew how to teach us what we needed to know about the Hispanic community and how to bring the richness and spirituality of the Hispanic community to the United States… It wasn’t like he just served the Hispanic community; he served the Church. He made one community in a lot of ways.”

A tribute to Miguel has been posted on the Pastoral Liturgy Web site.

May his soul, and the souls of all the faithful departed, rest in peace. May his family and friends be comforted.



  1. I did not know Miguel, but the work he was given to do — and from all accounts had a passion for doing — is so very important. May it be counted to him as righteousness on the last day that he rose to meet the needs of our time in such a way. And may other gifted leaders now carry on this good work, with pastoral wisdom and joy in the service of God and of the Church.

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