He’s back!

As of today, I return as moderator of Pray Tell. My annual one-month break has come to an end.

Huge thanks to Rita Ferrone for her truly outstanding work as moderator this past month. I’m sure I speak for our readers when I extend hearty thanks for her sure voice and wise judgment.

While we’re at it, thanks also to PT assistant Chris Ángel for his always-able and always-cheery assistance.

Please note, all correspondence comes to me now. This time around (compared to a year ago), let’s try to spare Rita having to keep forwarding things to me for months and months to come.

Ut in omnibus glorificetur Deus.



  1. Hi Jack, that has now been done. We’ve overlapped today.

    Thanks to all the contributors and commenters who made my job this past month go so smoothly, and who also have made it a most rewarding experience.

    You are now in Anthony’s good and capable hands. I look forward to resuming my role as contributor!

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