New Moderator of Pray Tell! New Contributors!

Pray Tell has a new moderator and is happy to welcome two new contributors.

Moderator: Rita Ferrone

Beginning Saturday, March 17, Pray Tell contributor Rita Ferrone will moderate this blog while regular moderator Fr. Anthony Ruff, OSB, takes a month-long break. Rita last served in this capacity for a month-long stint one year ago. For the next month, address all correspondence and submissions to Rita. Fr. Anthony will return on April 17.

New Contributor: Jonathan Day

Jonathan Day was born and raised in the USA but has lived in London since 1990 with his wife and three children.  Professionally he is a management consultant and writer; most of his work focuses on corporate governance, leadership and organization.

Jonathan reports that he has had a very mixed education – undergraduate and graduate work in cognitive psychology and electrical engineering, and a few very rewarding years at the Divinity School at the University of Chicago with the opportunity to learn from Mircea Eliade, Paul Ricoeur, David Tracy, Edward Shils and Bernard McGinn, among many others.  Jonathan has had a long standing interest in liturgy as a shaper and reflector of faith, as well as in languages.  He says, with English modesty, that he has little Latin and far less Greek.

Jonathan tells us that Pray Tell has been a wonderful discovery for him and he’s delighted to be able to contribute here. We’re delighted to have him!

New Contributor: Jordan Zarembo

Jordan Zarembo is a PhD student at the Faculty of Religious Studies, McGill University, Montreal.  He has studied at Fordham University (BA) and the Centre for the Study of Religion, University of Toronto (MA). His research interests include Latin philology and early Roman liturgy.

Jordan also has an interest in the way in which contemporary media shapes perceptions of Christian liturgy. As a contributor to Pray Tell, he hopes to continue learning from the great conversations found on this board. And we look forward to learning from Jordan’s provocative contributions!

Welcome aboard, Rita, Jonathan, and Jordan.



  1. Congratulations, Rita. You’ll be busy!

    Two new contributors – I await their contributions with mixed feelings, but they have both stirred discussion on several occasions, and will doubtless continue.

    And many thanks to the existing panel of experts and opinionators.

  2. Congratulations to Rita and blessings for Fr. Ruff as he takes a break! And welcome to the two new contributors, with familiar names from these pages.

    Thanks to one and all- this site is a great resource.

  3. Hey, congrat’s to Rita, Jonahtan and Jordan and thanks for your willingness to not only provide leadership to the list, but also your wonderful contributions. Tom Kostrzewa

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