Christ the King 2011: an Englishman preaches in Bunker Hill

If we celebrate this feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Universal King here in the US, we need to recognise that so much of what is valuable and precious in this country arises from a rejection of the idea of kingship, a recognition that the political power of this world can often be dysfunctional and abusive, that human freedom and dignity need to be safeguarded.

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One size fits all?

The people in Brooklyn, New York are being given the same English texts as the Catholics in Sydney, Australia. I have to question if this goal of English-language uniformity is worth the change or if it is even possible. There are real differences of pronunciation and vocabulary that make it virtually impossible to ever reach such uniformity, even if it were desirable.

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New Book on Worship Music Practices in U.S. Congregations

The Sounds of our Offerings: Achieving Excellence in Church Music has just been published by the Alban Institute in cooperation with the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. The work details a research project involving nine congregations: three Catholic, three Episcopal, and three Presbyterian, located in the Northwest, Southwest, Midwest, and Northeast of the United States.

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