Marketing or Mystagogy: Reception of the New Roman Missal and Reverse Catechesis

“Catechesis is not simply the imparting of information, but the engagement of the other in the formative process. When a faith community participates in such full, conscious, and active catechesis the echoes surely are traces of the sensus fidelium with which God’s Spirit has gifted the church. May the liturgical catechesis ahead, in full mystagogical mode, stir such an echo that resounds to the good of the whole church and to the ongoing reform of the liturgy.” – Ed Foley

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Moral Theology and Using the New Translation

An anonymous priest observes: “To the extent that we make a choice to ‘obey’ misguided authority, then, prima facie, we are complicit, and are at least materially co-operating with this misguidedness…We cannot prevent the abuse of authority and many of its effects on our liturgical life, but we can at least maintain our integrity by seeking for and striking feasible compromises, as creatively and non-violently as possible. “

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