Changes at Notre Dame Center for Liturgy

The Notre Dame Center for Liturgy announced in its last issue of Assembly that the November 2011 edition of the periodical will be the last.

The Center has an online blog, Oblation: Liturgy and Evangelization.

Beginning in January 2012, the Institute for Church Life at Notre Dame will issue the free-of-charge online quarterly Church Life under the general editorship of the Center for Liturgy. The purpose of the journal is a renewal of pastoral theology, including liturgy, catechesis, spirituality, youth ministry, Catholic education, etc.  The focus will be on evangelization.  Regular columnists will include Larry Cunningham on spirituality, a sermon by Fr. Virgil Elizondo, John Cavadini on preaching and the Catechism, Fr. Jeremy Driscoll on liturgy, Christian Smith on Church life and sociology, and Deacon James Keating on life in Christ.

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  1. Great news.

    Now, would the people who manage Worship please consider making its content more readily available online, to non-academic readers? Especially for those of us who live outside the USA, or who don’t have unlimited shelf space, online acccess would be truly valuable.

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