Missal implementation in India: Bump in the road

The existing English language Missal have masses adapted for three Indian religious festivals and two national days such as Independence Day and Republic Day. If the new missal drops the special Masses for important days in India, the association of professors of liturgy in India might send protest letters to the Vatican.

Source: CathNews India


  1. The new Missal for Ireland will have special Mass texts for Irish celebrations. However, we do not have any special texts for non-religious national occasions.
    What if the church in India just said to CDW: “Tough – we’re putting them in anyway!”?
    It seems that the church in the Philippines will be a year later than other countries in introducing the new English translation. If the rest of us followed their example, it would give our Conferences of Bishops a chance to make corrections and improvements. Carl Daw’s observations on http://www.praytellblog.com/index.php/2011/07/05/observations-on-the-language-of-the-revised-missal/, and many other comments on PrayTell, offer valuable material. If CDW says NO! – well then: “Tough … “

  2. Since when did the Vatican approving (or disapproving) something form a bar to it being introduced (or not) into India? A good number of the clergy do their own thing anyway.

    Speaking of complaining, they really should get on the case of whoever wrote those absolutely atrocious English translations of local Marian celebrations for the appendix of Indian version of the Collection of Masses of the BVM several years ago. They make absolutely no grammatical sense and the punctuation (use of random capital letters, full stops in the middle of phrases, etc.) is horrible . The only ones that do make sense were lifted from existing Salesian and Redemptorist formularies.

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