Adjustments to the fifth edition of the General Instruction to the Roman Missal

Thanks to Jeffrey A. Tucker at The Chant Café, I have become aware that the Holy See ordered ICEL to coordinate the three extant English translations of the GIRM (US, Australia, and England and Wales) into one translation, and to add the approved US variants. It is this version that is being printed in our new Roman Missals and is now available from the USCCB in its Liturgy Documentary Series, #14. I confirmed this with Father Richard Hilgartner at the USCCB.

An important phrase from the IGMR 2000 in the last clause of Article 48 (“sive alius cantus, actioni sacrae, diei vel temporis indoli congruus”got lost in some translations and has been restored: “another liturgical chant that is suited to the sacred action, the day, or the time of year.”


  1. Just in case anyone is wondering about GIRM England and Wales – it presently reads:

    48. The singing at this time is done either alternately by the choir and the people or in a similar way by the cantor and the people, or entirely by the people, or by the choir alone. In the dioceses of England and Wales the options for the Entrance Chant are: (1) the antiphon and psalm from the Graduale Romanum or the Graduale Simplex; or (2) a song from another collection of psalms and antiphons, the text of which has been approved by the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales.

  2. On the USCCB Roman Missal website, I only find the 2003 “provisional” edition of the GIRM.

    Do you have a more recent link to this 2010/2011 “official” translation of the GIRM?

    1. Here is a copy of the new GIRM:

      Jeffrey tucker was sent this fair-use scan of the new text. It was attached at the end of his article. I believe it is now available for order through several publishing companies.

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