Help – anyone recognize this song?

A Pray Tell reader is trying to find a hymn, remembers that it has some of the following text. I don’t recognize it. Does anyone else? Can  anyone help her?

“Take my hand and walk in the sun… and in your love we’ll walk together as one. Wash my sins away in your tears, and in your mercy drive away all my fears… let your love carry me on.”


    1. What a relief to see that you have made a return. I hope your holidays were refreshing and rewarding and that your depleted energies, poured out on the faithful here at PT, will have been repleted, to make you ready for the next phase of the fray.


    2. Hi this link is now not working & im trying to find it for my mums funeral on Friday, know how I can track it down?

  1. Is it just me or does anyone else wonder what Sr. Janet might do musically with the new translation of the mass. Hmmmmm……..?

  2. @Charles: not only ‘unpeeved’ but just mailed you something yesterday c/o St. Mary’s, Visalia!

  3. Take my hand walk in the sun
    And in your love we’ll walk together as one
    Wash my sin s away in yur tears
    and in your mercy, drive away all my fears

    Let your Love carry me on
    I feel your love is making me strong
    Take my hands listen to me
    Help me to grow and be what i should be

    Let your love carry me on
    I feel your love is making me strong
    Turn me around facing the sun
    And in your love Lord
    I’ll love everyone (2x)

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