James Savage: 30 years at Seattle cathedral

“The music program of St. James Cathedral has come to be recognized throughout this country as both superior and superb: the organists, the Cathedral Choir of St. James, the Women of St. James Schola, the Cathedral Cantorei, the Cathedral Chamber Orchestra, and the Cathedral’s three children’s choirs (Schola Cantorum, St. Gregory Choir, St. Cecilia Singers). When Jim Savage arrived on the scene, there was an organist and a rather small choir.” – Fr. Mike Ryan, Seattle

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Church musician makes Wall Street Journal

“Choral music is the art form with the most participation in this country,” Mr. Tritle maintains. “According to a survey by Chorus America, around 22 million Americans participate in choral music. One in every five or six households has a member who participates in a church choir, synagogue choir, school choir, and so on. It’s still very much a grass-roots form.”

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