Summer Gregorian Chant: still time to register

Study Gregorian chant (and many other things as well!) at Saint John’s this summer. Information here.

June 6-8: Gregorian Chant I  (1 credit)
Anthony Ruff, OSB

Introduction to Gregorian chant: historical development, notation, rhythm, accompaniment, Latin pronunciation, and use in the modern liturgy. Only prequesite is a basic knowledge of music theory – e.g. intervals, key signatures.


June 9-11: Gregorian Chant II   (1 credit)
Anthony Ruff, OSB

A practical seminar on singing Gregorian chant well. Study of early notation (St. Gall and Metz schools) as found in the Graduale Triplex, for the purpose of semiological rhythmic nuance. Practical issues of chant use in the liturgy, such as selection of chants, rehearsal techniques, vocal techniques, conducting.  

All chant classes meet 8:30-11:00 AM and  2:00-4:30 PM.

Liturgy courses at Saint John’s this summer:
     Liturgical Celebration (intro to liturgical theory and practice)
     Rites of Christian Initiation

Liturgical music offerings at Saint John’s this summer:
     Liturgical Music seminar
     Advanced choral conducting
     Lessons in organ, voice, composition, service playing

Register here.


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