New Missal Published

Here it is…

New Missal with ICEL chants!
New Missal with ICEL chants!


  1. This must be the complete edition.

    A full page explanation of each of the 10,000 changes.

    All the consultation provided by the 7000 plus consultants.

  2. Think of the poor altar server who will have to hold that thing up for the presider to read a collect!

      1. How ironic . . . for if they decide to go after adult obesity, they couldn’t pick a better place to start than “the immensity of” Vox Clara . . .

  3. And this is only the Order of Mass.. wait until we get the book with the collects and Eucharistic prayers!

    1. Mike,

      Did you catch that this was posted under the humor heading?

      Too bad some of the other recent postings couldn’t have been posted here as well.

      1. Yes, I did but I wasn’t sure about the rest of you. I thought the pic of the three-foot tall book posing as the new missal was too subtle for y’all. 😀

      1. Oh, that explains why it is so slim – all this time I thought it was the CliffsNotes version.

  4. Dear Humorist,

    It is said that Christians invented the codex, or popularised it, in place of the scroll, for reading text. If this is true, then we shall no doubt go down a second time in the cultural history of the West as having found a new means of making the Missal text available.

    I have an idea. Bishops must equip every parish with at least one fork-lift truck with high manoevreability so it can move between altar and chair when necessary. This will ensure that the entire book is available at all times during Mass.

    Clearly, the book illustrated will require a substantial and flexible degree of support.

    I also suggest a binding in reinforced concrete, being (a) the only medium capable of supporting such a weighty volume, and (b) something evidently favoured by the Holy See, as it is clearly good for making bunkers for the Congregation, Vox Clara, 7000 experts, etc, to say nothing of secure containers for 10000 textual amendments.

    Alan Griffiths.

  5. Paul I think it’s shameful of you to try to pass off a copy of “The Wit and Wisdom of Vox Clara” as a new missal!

      1. I think that was precisely his point, Jeffrey. Chris is a master of sarcasm.

  6. Am envisioning acolytes enveloped in those huge robotic forklifts, ala the one “Ripley” adorned to fight the Queen Alien or James Cameron’s Avatar Marine villain device….clanking its way toward a mitred Peter Cooke who is seated on a 50 foot towered cathedra.
    Now I know I’m from Californnia an’ all, but has it occured to anyone else that things ecclesial and liturgical seem to be evolving not unlike a Terry Gilliam dream, or film such as “Brazil?”

  7. As all else has failed to prevent publication of the new translation, can we not pursue legal action under Health and Safety at Work legislation?
    Chris McDonnell UK

  8. It would be just like “Ironman,” but the glowing power source would be a glowing Sacred Heart.

    “Ironpriest”…coming to a parish near you! Advent 2011!

  9. Could one mark the occasion of the new missal with a beauty pageant?

    The winner would be crowned “Miss Sallie Romanum.”

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