Italian bishop turns heads with Giorgio Armani vestments

From The Guardian:

Italian bishop turns heads with Giorgio Armani vestments


  1. Not sure it deserves to be tagged “art and architecture.”

    It conjures images of sateen bed sheets from the Christopher Lowell’s “Fearless, Fabulous Decorating” collection at Burlington Coat Factory.

  2. Tragic example of what ecclesiastical vesture should look like. “The more vestments fulfill their function by their color, design and enveloping for, the less they will need signs, slogans and symbols, which an unkind history has fastened to them. The tendency to place symbols upon symbols seems to accompany the symbolic deterioration and diminution” ((EACW #29) of the real purpose of such objects.

    stephen rossy

  3. It’s not very pretty. I was expecting something along the lines of the magnificent vestments that Pope Benedict XVI wears. Maybe Armani could take a few tips from the folks at Tridentuum.

  4. Most recently [Bishop Mogavero] penned the preface to a book that details the financial scandals at the Vatican during John Paul II’s papacy and was published on the eve of the Polish pontiff’s beatification.

    This bishop sounds like an interesting man. As to say that our current pope is dressed by Christ… I am sure he hopes he is…

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