Pro-Active Participation

I went to Mass with a devout Catholic friend a while ago who is an accomplished singer, musician, and scholar of medieval music. When I warned her that the liturgical music at that particular Mass was likely to give her a headache, she responded that she knew better than to come to Mass unprepared — she had ear plugs in her purse, at every liturgy she attended.

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The Challenges for Liturgists of the Future: Pastoral Liturgy

We need scholars who can study the past, but who also listen to the human heart today, scholars who have personally experienced the love of God and who share it with others, scholars whose commitment to common prayer is steady, and scholars who know what it is to be human today, an individual loved by God, yet part of a community that tolerates differences, progresses in technology, and advances on the path toward redemption. It will take prophetic, courageous, committed, and faithfilled scholars to make pastoral liturgy flourish.

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