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A Welcome for New Readers and Visitors

Every day Pray Tell has new readers and visitors. If you are one of these readers, welcome! If you are already familiar with the blog world, the procedures explained below may be quite familiar to you. If you are not, we hope this will help you to feel comfortable in finding your way around the site, making comments, and using the features available on Pray Tell.

Q. How do I post a comment?

A. There’s a white box underneath most posts for you to submit comments. Click in the box and you can type away. Please note our comments policy. (Short version: keep to the subject and please be respectful.) We do ask for your full name and an e-mail address so we know you’re a real person. We promise not to share your e-mail address.

If this is your first time commenting, your comment will need to be approved by a moderator, which may take some time — up to a day or so.  We’ll get to it as quickly as we can!  Once you’re approved, further comments should go up automatically. Your computer may also remember that you’ve commented before.

Q. How do I make my comment have bold or italics?

A. You can type a few HTML commands into our comment box. HTML – HyperText Markup Language – is one of the languages of Web pages, and uses commands that are between chevrons. For example, if you type:

<B>Something that you want to emphasize </B>

You will see:

Something that you want to emphasize.

This also works for italics, with <i> and </i>, respectively.

Q. How do I comment on someone else’s comment?

A. This is a great way to help keep a conversation going smoothly. If you let the cursor hover over a commenter’s name, you should see a menu pop up with a couple of options: “reply” and “quote.”  Reply will allow you to make a comment directly on someone else’s comment (and your reply will appear close to the comment you are commenting on) as opposed to being tacked to the end.

Q. How do I quote from someone else’s comment in my comment?

A. Well, one way is described just above — let the cursor hover over the commenter’s name and select quote. The site will paste a whole bunch of code into your comment box which will quote their whole post. (And note that the site also pastes in a reminder that “Only comments with a full name will be approved” that you can delete from your reply.) A simpler way might be to type <blockquote>, use your mouse to copy and paste from the person you’d like to quote, and type </blockquote>.

Q. Can I edit my own comment after I’ve pressed “Submit Comment”?

A. If you make a typo in your own comment, don’t worry. After you submit it, the comment will appear after the post with text saying “Click to edit.”  For a short time, you can make changes to your comment.

Q. This blog moves so quickly that sometimes I miss some of the comments. How can I see some more past comments?

A. The latest eight comments are always listed in the box in the middle column labeled “recent comments.” Click on the words “recent comments” to get a page with the last sixty comments.  Hope that helps!

Q. Some of the commenters have their pictures next to their comments. How can I get my picture to do that?

A. Our blog supports “gravatars” — globally-recognized avatars. For more information on this, visit Signing up is pretty quick and easy.

Q. How can I find a post by a particular author?

A. All of our current contributors are listed on the right. They’re listed alphabetically by first name. (Don’t ask.) Click on any contributor’s name to get a full list of their posts, starting with the most recent.

Q. How can I find a post that someone told me about that appeared here several weeks ago?

A. Let’s see here… If you have a title or a subject, trying searching for it in the search bar at the top right of each page. If  you know the date, you can either click on the calendar to the right of the page, or look just below that to the “archives” section — click on the name of the month. Or, if you know the general subject area, you can click on one of our “categories” in the column just to the right of the archives. If you find a post just like it, maybe they have the same tags — if you click on any tag at the end of a post, you can find all the posts that have the same tag.

Q. Can I place a link in my comment?

A. Yes. For example, the command for a link to Pray Tell would be as follows:

<a href=””>Pray Tell</A>

will result in:

Pray Tell

Please note that multiple links will set off our spam filter, and your comment will have to be moderated.

Can I edit my own comment after I’ve pressed “Submit Comment”?Can I edit my own comment after I’ve pressed “Submit Comment”?

* * *

No short Q&A can cover everything, but we hope this is a help. If you have a question has not been answered in this post, you can ask it in the comment box below, or write to the editor by clicking on the blue button (above), marked “Contact Us.”

Thank you for visiting Pray Tell!


  1. Thanks for this. I’ve been trying to comment and have gotten a “full name required” thing and never saw the comment.

    I hope this works


  2. But once you have someone smart figure it out for you, it works fine. Maybe we should let the Vox Clara people get some of this free help!

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