Whatever Happened to the Peace of Christ?

Ten homicides occurred in U.S. churches in 2010, according to the Virginia-based Christian Security Network. But will these numbers increase if more members are permitted by law to bring their guns to church?


  1. Two years ago, in the wake of church and school shootings and other messes, parishes in my diocese were asked to put together “security” cmtes to look at various risks and solutions. I was stunned when the law enforcement officers told me how many officers of various agencies bring their weapons into church with them already rather than leave them unattended at home or in a vehicle.

    1. Some of them are probably required to carry a weapon off-duty, when they’re in their jurisdiction – city, county, whathaveyou. I don’t have any idea how universal this is, but I do know it’s true in some places for some agencies. One might reasonably expect such individuals to not make a public show of it, too.

    1. Oh, man… I wish you hadn’t told me that! Now I’ll be looking for those suspicious bulges instead of paying attention to the Rite of Election next month.

      1. While there are always almost always armed (and uniformed) police at St. Patricks, I don’t think the (paid and uniformed) ushers are normally or universaly armed (though I won’t rule out that some are). The Archbishop, however, does travel with an armed bodyguard (including during regular parish visits.)

      2. Every time I’ve been there, they’ve all had them. You can see the bulges. I suppose they get all kinds of weird people coming in.

    1. The Passionists have stated emphatically that this story is an embellishment and they do not advocate or support this group.

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