Feb 5: Memorial of Saint Agatha, virgin and martyr

Just a thought: it struck me this morning, on this memorial of the early Christian martyr Agatha, that her official titles may be enriched by an additional category. For Agatha, I am adding the title “one of the seven women saints mentioned in the Roman Canon,” so as to deepen my appreciation of this third-century Sicilian martyr. Who says that the ancient inclusion of St. Agatha (together with six other women) in the Roman Canon — the heart of our eucharistic praying — isn’t as venerable as being counted among the “Doctors of the Church.”


  1. Unless the presider is using the shortened version (skip everything between the brackets), which eliminates the names of all seven — and also, by the way, the names of most of the laity mentioned in the Canon, too.

  2. “the Roman Canon — the heart of our eucharistic praying”

    Would that it were so. But I’m glad there has been –in my experience–slightly less non-use of the Roman Canon in recent years. Some priests seem to make a point of using the Roman Canon on the feasts of the saints mentioned therein. Definitly agree on the idea that the saints named in the Canon have a most venerable title.

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