New leadership at Pray Tell!

At least for the next couple months. I’m very happy to announce that well-known Pray Tell contributor Rita Ferrone will serve as moderator of this blog starting tomorrow.

I will remain a contributor during Rita’s time at the helm. But I will primarily work on two manuscripts for publication with looming deadlines. I have some big time catch-up to do on them …because I enjoy blogging way too much and have let it consume my life this past year. My goal starting tomorrow is to be a good monk locked in my cell, at my desk, working on one thing only. Perfect discipline. That’s it.

I’ll still be on the Pray Tell team. My goal is to limit myself to about one or two posts a week. (We’ll see how I do with that…) I expect to continue covering the missal beat. I’m sure there will be much to report about implementation strategies and successes. And also resistance and objections. You can count on Pray Tell to keep giving you the complete story.

And then, if all goes according to plan, I’ll be back as moderator sometime in April. I expect that, with Rita’s incisive judgment and clear writing and good instincts and theological acumen, this blog will undergo real renewal and expansion.

And now I’m on my way to Salt Lake City for the Southwest Liturgical Conference. Uhm, those publication manuscripts? Right. I’ll be in my cell starting Sunday, I guess.

Fr. Anthony Ruff, OSB


  1. We will miss you Fr.Anthony. Good luck with your manuscripts. Can’t wait to read the fruits of your scholarship.

    I know you’ve left “Pray Tell” in good hands. I always enjoy Rita’s stimulating and clarifying contributions to the discussions here.

  2. Hello Rita,

    I look forward to reading your contributions, even from my base in Belgium. I also look at Praytell when I am visiting New York and my relatives elsewhere in the States.

    Philip Sandstrom

  3. Anthony, will Rita, like you, when Monsignor Bruce Harbert posts comments on the blog, continue to amend or delete any comments I make seeking his opinion about the treatment of Canon Griffiths by Monsignor Wadsworth on behalf of the Congregation (and Vox Clara)?

      1. Dear Chris,
        I am looking forward to moderating your comments. I know there will never be a dull moment!
        Remain civil, stay on the subject, and we’ll all have a good time. That goes for everybody else too.

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