Sacred music in crisis?

Zenit posts an interview with Cardinal Domenico Bartolucci, long time director of the Sistine Choir who was recently made cardinal by Pope Benedict.


  1. I think I agree. The youth deserve better:

    ”Today there are very talented youths, but the musical formation is often very inadequate. I don’t know who is to blame, but at present the stadium and discotheques prevail and everything is reduced to the market.”

  2. We can start by looking at how the music programs in our Catholic Schools are run – or if even one exists. There is an extreme emphasis on academics (which is good) but the performing arts options don’t exist. Even the school liturgies are poorly done. If you compare to a public school, there are large choirs that are singing the classics for concerts and competitions.

  3. A serious education in Sacred Music has to come from a serious USE of Sacred Music first. The liturgy itself can be the greatest teacher, by example, and the greatest inspiration if clothed in great music. Unfortunately too many liturgies give very little to aspire towards for young musicians, making it difficult to convince them that Church Music is a serious profession. When so many would rather take the long-shot gamble on a concert career or see music education as more rewarding, we may want to think of that aspect

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