O Rex Gentium: O King of the Nations

Our world remains full of Herods, and the idols still invite our allegiance. Our day-to-day narratives are shaped by violence and the threat of violence, the irresistible sway of socially negotiated power, and the impact of wealth upon billions of lives. When these forces override the freedom and dignity of even a single person, the sovereignty of God is implicitly denied.

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Missal unrest in New York

Be It Resolved:
That this area conference of priests requests that the Priest Council of the Archdiocese of New York advise the Archbishop to seek a postponement of the implementation of the new Roman Missal in the Archdiocese for at least one year (from Advent 2011), or until such time as priests of the Archdiocese have the opportunity to review all the changes in the new Roman Missal and to offer suggestions to the Archdiocese’s Liturgical Commission as part of a collegial consultative process to be determined by the Archbishop.

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