Christmas Mass from St. Peter’s Basilica

Here is the Christmas Missa in nocte (that would be the midnight Mass at 10 pm) from St. Peter’s Basilica. To hear a real Italian cantor, go to 44:55. This is part of the Gospel Acclamation which begins at 43:30.


  1. I’ve had to wait a long time before it plays, and it freezes up my whole computer until it begins. Does it work if you wait it out?

  2. Poor cantor (deacon?) had trouble w/ his breathing for the Proclaimation.

    Why did they do it at the beginning?

    Also—I know Papal liturgies are supposed to be “example” liturgies… but how many liturgies went on this night this same way? You can’t see the Assembly singing…ever… except, of course, for the good-hearted Italians singing “Tu Scendi” one of my favorites from when I lived in Italy!

    Happy New Year, everyone!

  3. @Steve, who has said that papal liturgies are to be examples for parishes? One would imagine that papal liturgies on high feasts would present the universal Church in all its glory for the world to see. Besides, would you send out the music to everyone who was planning to come (from all over the world) ahead of time? I can understand the desire for parish assemblies to sing a good part of the Mass, but a papal Mass should truly awe with riches of the Church. It should be “special”.

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