A Prayer Before Family Reunions

This is for all those for whom Christmas is not always the “hap-happiest season of all.” As broken as some of our families are, may they each in some way be touched by the “calm and bright” of the Holy Family.

A Prayer Before Family Reunions

God, I will be seeing my family soon,
and it has been so long since I have been with them.
I am a different person now,
and I am sure that they are too.
Yet I still feel the same hurts that never went away,
the same wounds that never healed,
the same grudges that were never settled,
and the same anxiety of falling into old habits.

Fill me, Lord, with your peace,
forgive my faults as I forgive theirs,
and help me love my family as I know you love them.

With the Holy Family as our companion,
bless our time together and strengthen the bonds between us
that we may grow more in love with each other
until we are perfectly united forever in your kingdom.

Copyright © 2007, Diana Macalintal.

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