Symmetry in the sanctuary

As a monk once said at chapter meeting here, “Liturgists are people who think, if only we put the credence table in just the right place, THEN they’ll come.” In that spirit, an Anglican viewpoint on church priorities:

From the Rev. Bosco Peters – see his post on this here.


  1. Speaking as a faithful Episcopalian, there’s only one thing I can say:

    And for the record, I am NOT the Fr. Montgomery in the video.

  2. Speaking as a Roman Catholic, I too say ROFLMAO!!!……until I realized that there are folks who really think this way! “If we just (insert whatever is the adjustment of your choice) they will all come flocking back to church.”

  3. Speaking as a liturgist THAT was funny! Just for the record, the placement of objects is not my driving force to get folks to come to church. Give folks solid preaching (which I have little control over), a ritual that encourages true prayer and worship, and a good mix of musical styles that can speak to most in the assembly — repeat consistently — and most will come back to church every week. Right, Linda? 😉

    Thanks for the laugh — I needed it today. =)

    PS – LOVE this blog!

  4. Montgomery is a Northern Irish name: that is where the soldier came from. Hardly a place to find Anglicans. Of course any Church of Ireland clergy would probably wish to keep their heads down: the Jews and Muslims have to decide if they are Catholic Jews or Protestant Jews etc. So I hear.
    Perhaps talking about flowers is the only safe topic.

    1. Actually it’s originally a Norman French name: Mont + Gomeric, and certainly a quintessentially English name since the time of William the Conqueror (1066). (‘Posh’ people pronounce it “Mernt-Gummery”.)

      Nothing Northern Irish about it at all, anymore than it could be said to be Welsh because there was formerly a county of that name in Wales.

  5. Try using a google advanced search and you will find plenty of Montgomerys in Northern Ireland. Of course like Heulin, a common Jersey name, the origin may be from elsewhere. It seems that the first Huelins came around the time of the Spanish Armada and may have been survivors of that expedition.
    Le Petit Robert lists four Montgomerys, one from each of the USA, France, Canada and the Field Marshall. There is also the place in Alabama.
    I would argue that Slim was a better soldier but that is for another thread.

  6. Regarding the You Tube clip – never a truer word said in jest.
    Sadly there are people who are so concerned with the external elements of worship that the more important (I think) internal elements are neglected. Yes there is a lot to criticise about our Church but we must never forget its ultimate purpose – for us to become part of Christ’s body.

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