The Grail Psalter’s surprise showing

Here is Jeffrey Tucker over at Chant Cafe on the appearance of the revised Grail Psalter in the upcoming English missal.


  1. Jeffrey, Jeffrey…

    Why is this such a point of contention for you? This is not the conspiracy that you continue to promote. It has been addressed time and time again, even here on PT, from Bob Batastini. I also know that there will be some formal announcements coming from GIA that will be lining everything out clearly… come on. There is no “there,” there. Are not at least 100 other things that are so much more important?

    I am not just saying this in response to my personal loyalty to GIA as my publisher… I just for the life of me cannot figure out why this is such a bone of contention.

    Life is too short.

  2. Well, I had mostly forgotten all about this issue until it popped back up again with the Leaked Missal. I’m mystified by this. Maybe I hadn’t been keeping up but I’m just shocked to see all the propers totally redone, negating the work of all the people who had worked so hard to set the Gray Book with the impression that it was stable. This is really what is at issue. Yes, I’m annoyed at the way that the whole Grail thing was handled because of all the reasons I’ve laid out (I know everyone is sick of hearing my homilies on this), but in this specific instance there is a lot at stake here.

    Musicians keep having the tables turned, again and again.

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