The long-embargoed second edition of the Order of Celebrating Marriage

If and when we receive an English version of the third edition of the Roman Missal, we are supposed to receive the English version of the second edition (the editio typica altera) of the Order of Celebrating Marriage (the Ordo Celebrandi Matrimonium) on March 19, 1990!

The English version received the recognitio in 2003, I believe, and carries the date “November 2003”; but the USCCB was forbidden to release it until the English version of the MIssal was finished.

Does anyone know more about this issue?


  1. That’s exactly what I heard at an NPM workshop this summer w/ Paul Covino (who does a lot of writing/publishing on the Rite of Marriage, inclusing the ) … apparently the “rites” are all supposed to come flying out of Rome as soon as the Missal starts next Advent, akin to the late 1960s

  2. I knew that it was one of 3 that was ready to go, but when the 3rd edition of the Missal was published the CDWDS asked ICEL to focus on the Missal and all other efforts were set aside for the time being. Once the Missal translation was completed from ICEL’s perspective the ICEL Bishops returned their attention to the 3 works that were in progress and issue them to the conferences again. They also decided to begin work on the other parts of the Ritual and Pontifical. There are discussion with the CDWDS about the LotH. I was unaware that recognitio had been granted to the text.

  3. That’s a long delay. As one funny (and wise) priest exclaimed: “No wonder everyone is just living together…”

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