Challenges and Questions

from Jerry Gelipeau at Gotta Sing Gotta Pray:

It is challenging enough to bring people to the realization that our current translation needed some work. It is challenging enough to move people through the differences between Comme le Prevoit and Liturgiam Authenticam. It is challenging enough to try to help people see that there might just be a kernel of wisdom behind the move to go through a new translation process. It is challenging enough to try to respond to peoples’ real concerns about the cost of all of this—both the costs associated with the translation process itself and the costs that parishes will incur (purchase of one or more missals, music resources, catechetical resources, etc.). Now comes the challenge of trying to explain to people the mysterious moves of the past few months. Those who were on the fence, ready to give up on the Church, will only be more incensed by these latest moves. Those who have been champions of the principles espoused in Liturgiam Authenticam are now scratching their heads as they see the latest translations that have been leaked, which show a move away from those principles.

The real challenge, for me at least, is in the catechesis that many of us are asked to do for parishes, clergy gatherings, and diocesan leadership gatherings. I believe in clarity and transparency. And I believe the people of God deserve this kind of clear communication and sharing of the facts. Hopefully, within a very short period of time, we will have answers to the questions such as “Why?” and “Who?” Until then, I guess we just tell people that “final adjustments are being made,” in the hope that people don’t ask more probing questions. There is nothing quite like being a speaker in front of a group of people and when a question is asked, all one can do is stand there shrugging one’s shoulders.

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  1. Hear, hear!

    But why, sharing your interest in clarity and transparency, would I say ‘final adjustments are being made,’ rather than ‘there seems to be a 10-man battle royale in the offing?’ I think the fact that many of those of us who work in leadership positions honestly believe that canonical principles are being trampled underfoot here should be shared, as they are here. I think that perhaps major controversy is one of the vehicles in which divine inspiration arrives for us. It was so with the original ecumenical councils. Why shouldn’t it work here and now? Remember, every time the disciples were squabbling over precedence in the gospels, Christ was in their midst! Perhaps this is a time to believe and proclaim, even in the midst of our own controversy, that Christ is in our midst! (He is and ever will be!) In light of the recent challenge raised by the Catholic-Orthodox dialogue to rethink church order, perhaps Christ is going to use this very controversy to lead us into being church with greater clarity and integrity.

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