ICEL meeting with SCDW

The bishops and others of the International Commission on English in the Liturgy are meeting in Rome tomorrow with the officials of the Sacred Congregation for Divine Worship. Routine, customary meeting, we’re told. Probably to visit about, oh, homilies, or maybe each will share his favorite song just to have something to talk about, do you think? But just in case they’re talking about something else (I won’t say what), let’s everyone start praying right now.


  1. You do, eh? Well then since you like it, we Vox Clara big shots will just have to change it or I mean we will tell the Congregation we think they should change it to Hail grace full Mary with thee is the Lord

  2. Wouldn’t “gratia plena” be “grace full” – it’s not “cum gratia plena” – – also let’s not forget the laudable practice of translating “Dominus” as “Father” … “Hail [, ? does the Editio Typica have a comma here?] Maria, grace full, Father youwith.”

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