A plug for the National Catholic Youth Choir

Steven J. Meyer is artistic director of the Golden Gate Boys Choir in San Francisco and a good friend and supporter of the National Catholic Youth Choir in Collegeville. We thought you might be interested in this excerpt from a letter he just sent out to folks in his choir, lightly edited and toned down by Pray Tell, encouraging them to participate in NCYC.  I think he likes the program! Who do you know that should know about NCYC?   -Ed.

I would like to direct your attention to the National Catholic Youth Choir web site. This program for Catholic high school students is unparalleled in the nation. I have seen and heard it with my own eyes and ears!

I will do my best again this year to make it possible that all of changed voices members to attend this honor choir program, which has a week of rehearsal and events at Saint John’s University, followed by a concert tour of a week’s duration in the Midwest.

The two outstanding leaders of the program are Dr. Axel Theimer and Father Anthony Ruff, OSB, from Saint John’s University and School of Theology. Dr. Theimer has been voice teacher of our choir alum Sam Fujii the past four years, Sam sang with Fr. Ruff’s chant schola which went to the international chant festival in Belgium, and Sam is about to graduate! Fr. Ruff is an internationally known chant expert. Both professors are very popular with their students and much respected. As a result, the students work very hard to please them and do their best.

High school students going into grades 10, 11, and 12 may participate in the National Catholic Youth Choir. Letters of recommendation are required with the application forms, which you can download from the web site. Parents are cordially invited to the last day of camp and are treated to the final and best concert of the season in the Great Hall. The 2011 camp dates are June 14 to June 28.

I have asked the wonderful NCYC office manager, Dorothy Kantor, to send you copies of the CD from this past year’s recording as soon as it is available. Our alums Dominic Cheung, Chris Dobbins, Fatafehi Tuitavake, and Richard Clark Landry are on this CD. Fehi and Dominic are also on the CD from the summer before, and both are outstanding products. I listen to last year’s CD almost every day. [Ed.: here’s a preview from this year’s about-to-be-released CD, with some Latin chant, Proulx’s “Jesus, Lead the Way,” and the jazzy “Praise His Holy Name,” organ and piano masterly handled by Chris Ángel.]

For those who are seeking a Catholic men’s university, scholarship assistance, a music major or music minor, a winning football team, or a school with excellent cafeteria food, this summer program is for you – not to mention meeting the other young people and having a great time!

Steven J. Meyer
Artistic Director, Golden Gate Boys Choir

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