Google adds Latin

Google Translate has added Latin to its list. Here’s Google’s announcement.


  1. The live updating as you type is fascinating. Take your time entering “Et cum spiritu tuo,” for instance:

    * “Et cum spi” anticipates the full entry and spits out “And with thy spirit”
    * “Et cum spiritu tu” spits out “And also with you”
    * “Et cum spiritu tuo” spits out “And with your spirit”

    You can, of course, enter a full URL for translation, like, say, this one.

    1. I’m not one to talk—the extent of my Latin education is slogging through the first few chapters of Wheelock’s and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Latin—but it’s obviously an imperfect tool, as it is with other languages.

      It certainly wouldn’t have helped someone who might be inclined to write either “Versus Deus” or “Habemus Episcopam”.

  2. Christian;

    You’re right about the sometimes humorous results that come up if you type long phrases slowly… much like using the WORD function on a Blackberry… things come up that you never intended, but sometimes they seem to make more sense than what you meant to type!

    That said, the translation examples that the database is built on would seem to be 19th century liturgical texts… an awful lot of “Thee” and “Thy” examples in there…type “Tu es Petrus” slowly. At “Tu es Petr” you get “You are a rock”, but once finished, it becomes “Thou art Peter” I guess Google is trying to “turn back the clock”…huh?

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