The Pope’s successful trip

By all accounts, Pope Benedict XVI’s trip to the UK was a rousing success exceeding every expectation. The Scottish bishops are even hoping for an upsurge in priestly vocations.

Among the many reports, here are two good ones:

Visit that could have been a disaster bordered on triumphant” in Clerical Whispers

Pope springs a surprise, and so does Britain” by Robert Mickens in The Tablet.


  1. The three papal Masses are archived for viewing whenever you wish:

    As the perhaps uncommon sort who’s equally appreciative to the reverent OF Mass I attend weekdays and the reverent EF Mass I attend Sundays. ….. I thought the Westminster Cathedral Mass was magnificent and transcendent, while the Scotland and Birmingham Masses demonstrated that a huge outdoor liturgical extravaganza need not necessarily be a liturgical disaster (as I have thought most such events in the past to be).

  2. This visit has given a huge boost to the pope and to Catholics everywhere; the faith lies deeper than scandals, and heart can speak to heart across ideological divides. Newman smiles down on England and Rome.

  3. In the Pope’s own words: “E’ seguita la celebrazione eucaristica nella Cattedrale di Westminster, dedicata al Preziosissimo Sangue di Nostro Signore. E’ stato uno straordinario momento di fede e di preghiera – che ha anche evidenziato la ricca e preziosa tradizione di musica liturgica “romana” e “inglese” – a cui hanno preso parte le diverse componenti ecclesiali, spiritualmente unite alle schiere di credenti della lunga storia cristiana di quella terra.”

  4. I was at the Westminster Mass, lucky me.
    It was very good.
    Lots of praise is due, I think, to those who went to the Sunday Mass (many of the coaches left at 1.30 am for a three hour journey and a long wait in the rain) and the Hyde Park vigil (they were there from about mid day) and also to the youngsters outside the Cathedral who got there early and had to wait until after Mass before the Pope emerged.
    One good point is that people heard what he had to say directly without the distortion of the usually hostile media.
    There is lots more to say but I would advise all to read his words, available on the papal visit website.
    I was spotted by that parish at home on the TV. Although many applied for tickets only one, me, was lucky (some were outside). So if numbers were down on 1982 that is not the fault of the faithful.

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