September 8th, Birth of Mary


Holy Virgin, truly mother of the eternal Word who has come into our flesh and our life, Lady who conceived in faith and in your blessed womb the salvation of us all, and so are the mother of all the redeemed, you who live ever in God’s life, near to us still, because those united to God are nearest to us.

With the thankfulness of the redeemed, we praise the eternal mercy of God that redeemed you.  When your existence began, sanctifying grace already was yours, and that irrevocable grace was with you always.  …

For our salvation you said Yes, for us you spoke your Fiat; as a woman of our race you accepted and bore in your womb and in your love him in whose Name alone there is salvation in heaven or on earth. …

In you, holy Virgin, who stood under the Cross of the Redeemer (the real tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the real tree of life), as the second Eve and mother of all the living, [in you]  it was redeemed humanity, the Church, that stood under the Cross and received the fruit of redemption and eternal salvation.

From a prayer by Karl Rahner in his Mary, Mother of the Lord

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