Notre Dame Center for Liturgy: New Director

As of this week, Tim O’Malley is acting director of the Notre Dame Center for Liturgy (formerly the Notre Dame Center for Pastoral Liturgy). David Fagerberg will continue to serve as the Center’s senior advisor.

O’Malley completed a B.A. in theology and philosophy and a liturgy M.T.S. at Notre Dame. He is now completing his doctoral degree in liturgy and catechetics at Boston College. He is interested in liturgical and sacramental theology, the history of Christian formation, and mystagogy.

The purpose of the Institute for Church Life, which houses the Center, is “to link the resources of the University to the lives of churchgoers and church leaders at various levels (that is, at the level of the bishop, of parish clergy, of religious and lay leadership).” Over the coming years, the NDCL plans to increase its activity to fulfill better this mission and to serve its various constituencies on a diocesan, parochial, and university level.


  1. Tim O’Malley’s interests and study reflect my own. The liturgical-catechetical relationship was reclaimed and gained momentum through the early liturgical and catechetical movements of the 20th century. Although theoretically linked today, in practice liturgy and catechesis remain divided; much work needs to be done to rediscover this rich partnership.

    Best of luck Tim.

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