“Become One Body” delayed again

The release of the interactive DVD resource on the new translation, “Become One Body, One Spirit in Christ,” has been delayed again. I bet you need to know what the text is before you can release a resource on the text…


  1. Do you suppose they really mean September 15 … 2010 ?!?!?!?! … that’s a month away and we still don’t have the final text. Somebody’s going to burn the Matins oil to get that done.

  2. The grapevine says that Tony Ward has foregone his customary summer vacation to stay in the heat of Rome, working away. Such a shame…

    And what a waste of time!

  3. 15 September is the date I’ve heard as well. Given that a release date was dropped altogether some time back, there must be some confidence that a text is on it’s way

  4. Those who last month saw a recent incarnation of the DVD are not holding their breath either. Huge technical problems are evident, quite apart from the text changes (which include a change to the title of the DVD itself! and its website).

    It is clear that this resource has been designed for use by individuals sitting at their computers, and it may have much value as such. However, unless a lot of work is done, it is quite unsuited for use as a formational tool in parishes, since it cannot easily be used for projection on a large screen to a group of people, even with the best equipment available.

    Problems include backgrounds to talking heads that are so dark that you cannot distinguish the face on a large screen (they are fine on the intimacy of a computer monitor), and slides full of text at much too small a size to be legible when projected. Presentational problems include a too-rapid fading in and out of images, particularly during interviews, which may work at one’s computer but certainly doesn’t on a large screen: the effect is somewhat like being seasick, and you don’t have time to absorb one image before the next one is upon you. Some of the music accompanying video clips is so inappropriate as to be laughable.

    Peter Williams, the Australian priest who has been touring the world promoting the project, says these problems are being addressed, but it looks as if doing that would mean re-shooting much of the interview material for a start.

  5. I’m waiting for a post saying the final text has been approved and sent to USCCB. A press release was released at noon today!

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