80-year-old Irish lady organizing boycott of Sunday Mass – UPDATED 8-20-10

Jennifer Sleeman, 80, asked people to support a one-day boycott of Sunday Mass because of what she believes is the church’s unfair treatment of women. Mrs Sleeman — who lives in Clonakilty, County Cork — said the church had effectively been treating women as second class citizens.

Pray Tell enjoys reporting on news,especially when there’s some drama and interest to it, but that doesn’t mean we agree with everything we tell you about. For the record, your blog moderator will be going to Mass on September 26.

UPDATE 8-20-10: Irish Catholic has a response here.


  1. An interesting and amusing suggestion on the dotCommonweal blog thread on altar girls http://www.commonwealmagazine.org/blog/?p=9410

    was posted by Jean Raber on August 8th, 2010 at 9:16 pm

    “It has been suggested by some that women refrain from participating as lectors, EMs, and altar servers in order to get more men and boys to participate in these activities (concerns over the “feminization” of the Church, which apparently puts off men).

    I think perhaps it would be salubrious for all if women to accommodated this notion for, say, a year, and also refrained from doing other unpaid tasks, such as decorating the Church, coordinating memorial masses, serving funeral luncheons, laundering altar cloths, making coffee, typing up the bulletin, teaching CCD, volunteering to clean the rectory, participating in the choir, making food for the parish picnic, running the annual rummage sale fundraiser, and the like.

    All in the interests of re-masculating the Church, of course.

    I’m sure the fellas would do just fine, and we would all learn a good lesson about the proper role of women.”

  2. Great comment from Jean Raber!

    I just happened to look at the readings for the Sunday in question. It’s the gospel of Dives and Lazarus. Interesting… I wonder if this Sunday was chosen for this reason?

  3. “Hey guys, let’s all put our souls in a state of mortal sin so we can make a point we clearly don’t have a thorough understanding of the theological significance of! Who’s with me?!” Idiot.

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