Summer “What We’re Reading” Wednesday

My summer reading is rather eclectic for 2010. I am finishing three non fiction books: Eamon Duffy’s re-reading of the historical record of the reign of “Bloody Mary:  Fires of Faith Catholic England under Mary Tudor. I have also begun James P. McCartin’s Prayers of the Faithful: The Shifting Spiritual Life of American Catholics which offers a fascinating account of the real change in religious perception of US Catholics since the late nineteenth century.  For something completely different I am reading Eric Siblin’s The Cello Suites: J.S. Bach, Pablo Casals and the Search for a Baroque Masterpiece, the musings of a pop music on the history and continuing importance of Bach’s music, especially the Cello Suites and the artist that restored their place in the repertoire, cellist Pablo Casals. Finally, to satisfy my need for good writing and a sympathetic look on the ordinary human soul, Anne Tyler’s Back When We Were Grownups.

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