Fewer Catholic seminarians in Germany

The number of applicants to seminary in the Roman Catholic Church in German has dropped to a record low of 150 nation-wide, reports the president of the bishops‘ conference, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch. Just four years ago there were 211. Focus quotes the archbishops, “You cannot undo the damage of an earthquake with nice words. Rather, one must do the work of rebuilding from the ground up. We have undergone a deep shakeup, indeed, certainly the worst crisis of the Catholic Church in Germany since 1945.” The Church must understand this as an opportunity. “We wish to strive with unified efforts to regain lost credibility.” (tr. awr)

Report in English at Earth Times here.

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  1. Is this including or excluding Wigratzbad (FSSP)? They have a large number of seminarians. It is what it is — not an advert for the EF by any means. Still, they usually have big ordination classes.

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