What’s Really Going On

The director of a national liturgy office (not the US office) gives me this update on the state of things with the new missal: He has no idea what on earth is going on. We can only wonder: is it on hold? will it be delayed? will it still happen on schedule? Stay tuned…


  1. I’m presenting at a diocesan-sponsored event this October to assist the faithful with the adoption of the new translation. It will be difficult to prepare adequately without having the final texts!

    Fr. Ruff, on a somewhat related note, I was wondering if you or someone else might compare/contrast the process of translation between the Revised Grail Psalter and the Roman Missal. I understand there are many elements that make this apples and oranges, but it might be valuable in understanding how the process affects the outcome. And while both texts are very different, they both exist for the purpose of facilitating prayer.

    1. Jeff – we’re all in the same boat! I’m wondering myself how all this will go forward, and what I will be saying at various diocesan engagements this fall. Nobody can tell us right now, because nobody knows.
      I’m on the Grail story. I’ll let you know anything I can dig up.

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