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Jeremy Biles at Religion Dispatches reports on the deeply religious aspects of the bullfight in Spain. I’m not sure this is inculturation at its best – what do you think?


  1. I was going to make an inculturation joke, but I see you’ve already gone there.

    Maybe I’m an uncultured white male American, but I think the idea of blood sacrifice of animals to the Blessed Virgin Mary is an absolutely atrocious idea, and will only serve to convince any number of fundamentalist Christians (and others) that the Catholic Church is the whore of Babylon.

    1. Thank you Clarey, now I should stop damning the professor! Now that you mention it, he may have said he was quoting St. Augustine, but I don’t recall that, it was back in that drug hazed late 70’s you know.

  2. This statement in the original article is at least imprecise and seems to defame the cultures within the Spanish State, by no means insignificant, that detest and oppose bullfighting — like the Catalans, to whom it is entirely foreign:

    “Like baseball in America, bullfighting in Spain might be said to constitute an expression of civil religion, conveying and ritually enshrining the most cherished values of the society in which it is performed.”

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