Jeffrey Tucker’s latest

You perhaps saw that Jeffrey Tucker departed from the NLM team. We all wondered what he had up his sleeve. Now we know: The Chant Café – soon open for business.


  1. Jeffrey,

    As a non-musician who likes a lot of chant and some Latin, I hope your website will have a more mainstream approach, specifically I would like in order of priority

    1. A strong emphasis upon the OF: be future oriented rather than nostalgic

    2. Emphasis upon all forms of chant in English (I like Eastern and Anglican as well as Gregorian Chant).

    3. Emphasis upon the sung Ordinary of the Mass in Gregorian Chant by the people (mostly in English, but sometimes in Latin).

    4. Emphasis upon people chanting the psalms before we tackle the Propers. We have lost the chanted psalms of the Office to parish life as well as the psalms with the Propers. The psalms are as important, maybe even more important, than the antiphons.

    5. My biggest gripe against musicians is that they ask the people to sing without practicing what we are going to sing.

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