Learn chant this summer

Gregorian Chant Workshop, St. John’s Catholic Cathedral, Portsmouth, England, Abbot of Farnborough Abbey and a Director of the Schola Gregoriana of Cambridge, June. 12, 2010.

Summer Chant Intensive, Duquesne University, Scott Turkington, June 14-18, 2010.

A Summer Learning Schola, St. Basil’s School of Gregorian Chant, M.Jackson Osborn & Lowell A. Davis, Thursday evenings June 24th – August 12th.

Gregorian Chant Institute, Saint Joseph’s College, Rensselaer, IN, Fr. Columba Kelly OSB, June 27-29, 2010.

NPM Chant Institute, Fr. Anthony Ruff OSB, as part of NPM National Convention, July 12-15. With GIA’s permission, here is a rough copy of the brochure for a forthcoming book which will be included in the handouts.

7th Annual Advanced Gregorian Chant Week, Abbaye Saint-Pierre in Solesmes, France, Dom Daniel Saulnier OSB, July 19-23, 2010. Prospective students should apply by emailing Br. Daniel at palmus@free.fr.

Bringing to Life the Word of God in Song – Beginner, Saint Meinrad, Fr. Columba Kelly OSB, July 19-23, 2010.

Gregorian Chant I, St. John’s University, Fr. Anthony Ruff OSB, July 20-22.

Bringing to Life the Word of God in Song – Advanced, Saint Meinrad, Fr. Columba Kelly OSB, July 26-30, 2010.

Sing Like a Catholic Workshop, St. Anne Catholic Church, Charlotte, NC, Jeffrey Tucker & Arlene Oost-Zinner, August 6-17, 2010.


  1. Fr, Ruff,

    This need not remain posted if need be, but in looking at the preview of your brochure for use at the NPM conference, I noticed on p. 5 that the incipit of the Ave Maria began with an F# and not a G, which is what I’m used to. Don’t know if it’s a typo, or if I am in error, just wanted to point that out. I know how nit-picky musicians and liturgists can get and how vitriolic our discussion can oft become. Trying to save some pain. For what it’s worth. Look forward to having you in Dallas in October.

    1. Brent, thanks much and I appreciate and need the sharp eye of others. However,… and I want to break it to you gently… this is the corrected version. It was like this already in the 1934 Antiphonale Monasticum. But the 1912 less corrected Antiphonale Romanum is what most everyone learned. The recent Antiphonale Monasticum, released in several volumes over the last few years, also has this correction. I don’t have the new Roman antiphonale here, it’s in my monastery room, but I’m confident it will also be corrected since it always agrees with the new monastical Antiphonale.

  2. Thanks so much for the “gentle correction”. Always glad to learn something new and have a feeling that lots of people will be learning something new in the next couple of years as we go through this new text that is looming before us. LOL

  3. It started today, but Dr. Tortolano has a five-day class in Mystic, CT. Always in the middle of grading finals!

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