What Liturgists Read in Summer

Editor’s note: as a regular summer series, each Wednesday we’ll post what one of our contributors is reading these days.

As we work to determine appropriate implementation strategies for the new translation of the Roman Missal, I am studying The Change Handbook: The Definitive Resource on Today’s Best Methods for Engaging Whole Systems, by Peggy Holman, Tom Devane and Steven Cady (San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler, 2007). This is a comprehensive text that outlines over 60 different methods of ‘change management,’ which is useful, as we need to determine the most effective approach to use in helping our celebrants and assemblies to transition to the new translation.

For pleasure, I am re-reading Redmond O’Hanlon’s Trawler, a quirky travelogue of the author’s experiences working on a deep-sea fishing-trawler heading north from the northern-most tip of Scotland. Real-life encounters with lots of strange beasties from the deep!

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