Monastic Institute: “Benedictine Spirituality”

The 25th annual Monastic Institute at St. John’s is June 27 – July 1. The Monastic Institute fosters reflection and conversation on matters of concern to monastic communities and other intentional communities.

This year’s theme is “Benedictine Spirituality.” Presenters include Kathleen Norris, Sr. Irene Nowell OSB, Dr. Charles Bobertz, Sr. Mara Faulkner OSB, Fr. Raymond Studzinski OSB, Dr. David Brakke, and Sr. Donald Corcoran OSB. All of it looks interesting and weighty. Bobertz is doing his speciality: “Beyond the Liberal versus Conservative Impasse: A Liturgical Reading of Scripture.” And they’ve even included a Jesuit! Fr. John Mossi, SJ is doing “Jesuit and Benedictine Spiritual Direction: Similarities and Differences.”

Here is the brochure with schedule. Register here.

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  1. “If the life in the monasteries is lived according to the spirit of the liturgy, this is precisely because the Benedictines have no spirituality of their own; their spirituality is simply that which the Church teaches and practices, without any practices peculiar to themselves.”
    (Liturgy and Spirituality. Gabriel M. Braso, OSB, The Liturgical Press, 1971. Page 51).

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