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  1. I’m pretty sympathetic to the “this new version is difficult and ponderous” arguments. So assume I pretty much agree with what JR has to say. But, I do have a few disagreements/quibbles:

    To say that “visible and invisible” is not essentially different than “seen and unseen” is untrue. Current differentiates based on our ability to see. New does so on an intrinsic quality of those created things. Subtle, but meaningful.

    “May I have…” is much more submissive than “Father, give me…”

    “My soul shall be healed” IS more specific than “I shall.” Perhaps the line isn’t really about the whole person.

    I agree with the gist of his statement on the lines following the Sanctus on EP3, but it would have been good to also point out the much more beautiful “from the rising of the sun to its setting.”

    I also think making an argument based on “this prayer is no longer what the Church teaches” is a bit disingenuous: the Church teaches what she prays. If it’s still in the Latin Missal, it’s still the teaching of the Church. (A good Episcopalian especially should know that.)

    1. Adam and all – let’s all comment over there, not here, OK?

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