Code of Conduct for Catholics on the Internet

This Code of Conduct for Catholics…on the Internet from Catholic Youth Work is very good. Except the last point. This is the real world, folks.



  1. Such fun to dream of the ideal…meanwhile check out the comment section on any article (esp. those concering illegal immigrants) on … you’ll find none of the points of the Code of Conduct are in operating condition…maybe that’s why the “discussion” goes nowhere??

  2. “it is necessary to suppose that every good Christian is more ready to put a good interpretation on another’s statement than to condemn it as false.” Ignatius, Spiritual Exercises.
    “be slow of speech, careful, and affectionate, especially when expounding things…listen to advantage, calm, in order to feel and become acquainted with the positions, feelings, and wills of those who speak….give reasons for both sides, lest one show oneself impaired by one’s own judgment…I would not call in any persons as authorities…I must be on good terms with everyone.. when… one cannot or ought not to be silent, one should state one’s position with the greatest possible calm and humility” instructions by Ignatius to Jesuits attending the Council of Trent found in Willi Lambert, Directions for Communication

  3. Except for #s 8 & 9, this is just basic material from Human Being 101 – or it should be. Even #s 8 & 9 could replace “Catholic” with “my denomination” or “another denomination/religious tradition” – – but this made me a little sad, in that it’s even necessary. Sort of like the “how to behave in public” rules posted in shopping malls.

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