Out of the mouths of babes…

‘Tis the season – another academic year is wrapping up and profs are busy correcting papers and exams. I don’t know if this is real or not but it looks like it might be.

A freshman student of mine once wrote, “The Second Vatican Council decided that henceforth the dialogue with the modern world would be conducted in the vernacular.” Jeez, you try to be nice in your Latin conversation starters and those heathens just stare at you.

A colleague just shared this excerpt from an undergrad reflection paper. “The Liturgy of the Hours was a peculiar thing for me. For most of it I was lost and was not sure exactly what the monks were doing, and then it was done.”

One of my undergrad students, not a Catholic, wrote a very positive reflection on monastic evening prayer. He reported that he liked this Catholic service much better than the non-denominational Sunday evening service he had been attending all year. That would be the 9pm campus ministry Student Mass.

And our Admissions office probably wants you to know that we are a selective university with high admissions standards and graduates who go on to  etc. etc. …



  1. Time for another edition of Non Campus Mentis, clearly.

    I’d not fret too much about the Admissions office. Educated is what the students are supposed to be when they graduate, not when they enter. Of course, signs of progress are always encouraged…

  2. And the (exhausted) deacon student at the end-of-a-semester mass, bidding the prayers:
    “To whom and for what shall we pray”

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