German Problems

The German-speaking bishops seem more prepared to, shall we say, dialogue with the Holy See than do the English-speaking bishops. Some of them are not happy with the German translation of the funeral rites that came back from Rome – someone made lots of changes to the text the bishops submitted. At least one bishop said he would not use it. Now some bishops wish it could be withdrawn. If this is the dress rehearsal for their missal…


  1. I think it will be instructional to see what happens here… both to the translation of the Funeral Rites and the translation of the Missal. Oh…let’s not forget about what will happen to the Bishop who said he would refuse to use it… has it ocurred to anyone that there will eventually have to be an example made of someone?

  2. “someone made lots of changes to the text the bishops submitted”

    Good thing there’s someone in the chain-of-command at the Vatican with a command of both German and Latin.

  3. How many actual funerals in German (or any language) do you guys think Ratzinger’s conducted?

    It’s not just a matter of knowing the language(s) – these texts have to be ‘proclaimable’ and ‘hearable’ in REAL pastoral situations.

    Allowing a pastoral disaster, then sending a letter of apology to the people concerned after the event will no more work with the English or German speaking Catholic world than it did with the Irish Church!

  4. I would appreciate a reliable source for this. While there has been some discussion fact is that the texts are approved and were officially introduced in Advent 2009.

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