A Plea to the Publishers

Roman Catholics are sometimes surprised to walk into churches of the catholic-but-not-Catholic traditions and find Gather Comprehensive II, Journeysongs, Spirit & Song, and We Celebrate in the pews… My point is this: keep the old settings around, at least for a while — and make them easily accessible on your websites and in your catalogues: don’t make us hunt or beg, like second-class Christians, and don’t make us bust our budgets trying to buy up everything we might want all at once. If there are settings you’re planning on putting out of print, let us — and let our denominational publishing houses — know: we just might buy you out.

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Of Baptism, Belonging, and Being Ashamed

As someone who has had her own struggles with the Vatican, its offices, and its highest ecclesial court (over teaching appointments at Catholic Faculties), I experience the current crisis in ecclesial governance and leadership as nothing particularly new. What sustained me then continues to sustain me now: the insight that my baptismal belonging to this church always also means the willingness to be ashamed of what I belong to. Belonging and that willingness go together, there is no belonging — not even in the Church — outside of that pain.

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