Stations of the Way of the Cross

Occasionally I get requests for a “liturgical” version of the Way of the Cross. (In these cases, I assume “liturgical” means something like “formal” or “public” — as opposed to some of the more intimate, personal and meditative versions of the devotion.) The most straightforward I have found is the one officially “on the books” for The Episcopal Church. It’s found in the Book of Occasional Services (BOS), pages 56-73.

The same version now appears on-line, readings and collects and versicles all in place, with added meditations prepared by The Episcopal Church’s Office of Government Relations on the interrelation between the Passion of Christ and “the needs of suffering people in God’s creation today.” (As arranged, the meditations appear at the top of each station’s page, and may be bypassed for the straight-up BOS version of the devotion.)

Another less “liturgical”/more meditative version, produced by the Young Adult and Campus Ministries of The Episcopal Church Center and featuring art by young people from dioceses throughout TEC, may be viewed here.

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  1. The Lutheran worship book, “This Far By Faith,” a book created by and for African American Lutherans in the late 1990s, has a nice Way of the Cross liturgy with eight of the traditional stations. The eight stations are all based on stories in the Biblical witness.

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