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I’ve just run across the blog titled “The Altar Guild Resource for the Diocese of Rhode Island” and I thought I’d pass the link along. Ostensibly it’s for the Episcopal Church in the diocese of Rhode Island, but a quick look at current and archived posts suggests that it’s scope will extend beyond its intended geography and communion. In addition to what one might expect to find on a so-titled site, namely information about the linen and plate ornaments of the church, you’ll find interesting posts on liturgical feasts and seasons, matters architectural, and where to find the best and most affordable in church supplies.

It’s a really intriguing site. I encourage our readers to take a look.


  1. Fr. Cody, between Masses and having also lost an hour of precious sleep, I finally looked at your Church’s website that I accessed by clicking your name above. Very nice! It also reminds me that Anglican/Episcopalians have exceptional good taste in all things liturgical; you don’t have a phobia of ad orientem worship, communion rails and kneeling for Holy Communion. Your architecture is magnificent and all buildings blend with each other even when the hall next to the Church is more modern–but it matches! With so many Anglicans coming over to Rome, I just hope and pray their good taste and common sense in language and architecture as well as liturgy will severely impact us of the Latin Rite who are down “rite” sloppy, eclectic and phobic! God bless you in your ministry.

    1. Thank you, Fr. Allan! Many blessings to you in your ministries, in the parish and on the web!

      I have held up a positive reading of Anglicanorum Coetibus from the beginning, in part because I believe that there can be mutual liturgical enrichment that comes from it. But some of the reports about what the liturgy of the Ordinariate might look like have me concerned that what little Anglicans might be allowed to bring with them will be swallowed up in the Latin Rite sea, particularly in the United States. Only time will tell.

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